After-surgery Care

To ensure that you heal properly and that your recovery period after surgery is as comfortable as possible, we have compiled some general post-operative guidelines to follow.

Keeping Your Eyes Dry

It is important to keep your eye or eyes dry for the first five days after surgery. When showering or bathing, particularly when washing hair, turn your face away from the showerhead and tilt your head back. To avoid getting water in your eyes while washing your face, avoid splashing water onto your face. Instead, cover the treated eye or eye while washing, or use a wet wash cloth.

Using Eye Drops/Ointments

Follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the usage of post-operative eye drops and ointments.

Using Eye Makeup

As a general rule, avoid using eye makeup (eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara) for one week after surgery, unless otherwise specified by your doctor.

Returning to Work

Some surgical eye procedures, such as cataract surgery, require no downtime, with the patient able to return to normal daily activities the day after surgery. Other surgeries involve longer recovery periods, where the patient may need to take some time off of work in order to rest and recover. Your doctor will provide you with this information before you undergo surgery, so that you can plan accordingly.

Resuming Exercise

Though your post-operative instructions regarding exercise will differ depending on the eye surgery you have undergone, most eye surgery patients will need to wait until a week after surgery to resume exercising. Movements that require bending the head below waist level should be avoided for seven to 10 days.

Follow-Up Appointments

The doctor will schedule one or more follow-up appointments with you after your surgical procedure. These appointments typically involve at least one visit to the Saland Vision main office a few days after surgery so that your eye doctor can examine the treated eye or eyes and determine that the patient is healing properly.

Do You Have More Questions about Post-Operative Care?

If you have more questions on what to expect post-surgery, or if you need a refresher on the instructions your doctor gave you for your recovery period, we encourage you to contact us at Saland Vision. Call (214) 691-8000 today.