Our Patient Testimonials

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Our eyes are one of our most precious gifts and I would not trust them to anyone but Dr. Karen Saland. She is extremely intelligent, professional and a great communicator. She takes time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and explain the best course of action — in this case, a cataract. Her staff is courteous and really love working with her, which is a plus. Overall, I’d give Dr. Saland and her staff a five-star rating!

The assistant that did my field test was the most accurate and knowledgeable that I have EVER had since coming to your office.

The new doctor was very good as well — knowledgeable, and not in a hurry to get in, get out, but checked me thoroughly and was very helpful.

AND I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. A big plus!

All in all, a 5 out of 5 star rating!

— Cindy Willis

Dr. Saland did my cataract surgery with the wonderful ReSTOR lenses. I am now free from glasses and cataracts, and I love my “new, young” eyes.

— Nancy Gable

Dr. Saland,

On Thursday, my wife and I had an appointment with Dr. Joy and then selected glasses with expert assistance from Lisa Rubey. We were so impressed with both of them. I went to Dr. Joy for a second opinion on a prescription for eyeglasses. In June, I had received a prescription from an ophthalmologist taking over for a doctor that was retiring and, in my opinion, his evaluation seemed to be somewhat cursory, so before getting glasses I decided to get another opinion. After Dr. Joy’s evaluation was complete, I showed her the prescription from June and asked for her comment. She put the former prescription into her system then had me view a side-by-side comparison for each eye, asking if I preferred View 1 or 2. After I selected the views I preferred, she informed me that I had picked her prescription in both cases. Wow! I was totally convinced I had made the right decision to get another opinion. I like the setup you have, leaving the eyeglass prescription to an optometrist who specializes in that, and then using your talents to evaluate the internal aspects of the eye.

Speaking of specialists, Lisa Rubey was so impressive in her knowledge of all possible eyeglass solutions, helping me and my wife to arrive at what we think are the best solutions for us. In addition, Lisa is very people oriented, making us feel comfortable in our decisions.  While she was waiting on us, other people did come into the store and she acknowledged all of them, letting them know she would be helping them soon, suggesting they look around the store while waiting. In two cases she briefly excused herself from us to help people she knew were there for something she could do quickly. We didn’t mind because it was a small interruption on our part that saved these people from waiting excessively. Great time management!

When we left, Lisa had written our orders on small forms but we left without any documentation of what we had ordered.  She said she would have all of this entered by the time we came back to get our glasses. We didn’t think that much of it, but after we returned home, Lisa called to inform us she had forgotten to add the frames for my wife to the bill so when we came back we would owe around $350 more. We accepted that but then I got to thinking about what else might be left off the order, such as the Crizal coating for one of my glasses, so that I don’t get what I wanted. The bottom line here is I recommend you invest in an online ordering system where Lisa could quickly check the items ordered on something like an I-Pad then provide the customer with an itemized list for review before leaving the store. I’m sure it would eliminate a lot of misunderstandings and would likely save having to redo glasses that were not developed as the customer wanted.

My wife and I are confident Lisa will make it right, whatever happens, and we plan to continue with your services.

Best regards,